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Nelly Biche de Bere
E3C Founder

Behind the formula e3c (Energy = Creativity, Community, Cohesion), there is a woman with an exceptional career. A trendsetter and celebrity figure of contemporary art and design. She created her own company at 20 in New York, and soon was producing 37 collections a year. Specializing in jewelry and accessories produced from recycled materials, women’s and children’s clothing, and heterogeneous objects, the Biche de Bere shops are real galleries of art that harbor history and soul and bring happiness.

Success comes quickly: Nelly’s work is displayed in the Museums of Modern Art of New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, the Whitney Museum, and the Georges Pompidou center in Paris. Orders start coming in fast; more than 50 stores and 5 factories around the world are named after her.

Once on the rise, Nelly Biche de Bere found herself wondering where is the creative time? And why should we always “produce” more? She then turned to herself and her three daughters. She took a hiatus from the public eye, refusing to cave to the demand to do more, always more. It was time to come back to oneself, to understand the blockages, the mistakes that had been made. Naturally, she discovered alternative medicine and was able to find a balance. Thus, her fundamentals were found: commitment, creativity, self-confidence, cohesion, and community with BahaSea Backpackers.

Nearly 15 years have been spent on Nelly Biche de Bere’s journey around the world, discovering alternative medicines, fasting practices, meditation and personal development programs.

Today, Nelly Biche de Bere opens her doors for you to discover an exciting program: “e3c, be well with us.” The program focuses on wellness workshops and finding balance, serenity, and self-confidence … but also lets your meet with Masters in all fields and with all talents from around the world to help you and help our planet.

A place, a philosophy where you become yourself!

Natalya Tsyganchuk
E3C Wellnes Master

Born in Khabarovsk Russia, Natalya from an early age trained enthusiastically in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Her love of both disciplines led her to a career in sports and medicine. She enrolled in the Kazakhstan Institute of Physical Culture & Sports, earning a Master’s Degree in Physical Science and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Physical Training in Rehabilitation Therapy, as well as a certification in Aerobics.

Natalya’s training and qualifications secured her a professional career as a coach in choreography and gymnastics in Kazakhstan and Russia, and also led her to participate in researches on psychological adaptation to extreme physical performance. 

She established her own techniques by combining both modern training and ancient methods, focusing on adaptive behavior traits in improving optimal performance for extreme athletic sports programs.

In the nineties, Natalya shared her time between Cuba, Canada and The Bahamas. She graduated from the Jose Marti International Language School in La Havana, became a self-employed entrepreneur in art and design for the local tourism industry, and participated as a volunteer aerobics instructor all whilst remaining true to her first love, gymnastic choreography.

Always ready to pursue a new experience and a different road, Natalya studied Karma Yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat in The Bahamas, explored Visual Art Expressions through the mediums of painting and photography, and participated in the Bahamian Summer Sports Campus, International Cultural Festival, and the famous seasonal Junkanoo Parades. 

In 2012 she advanced her theoretical knowledge and practice of yoga through the Pure Bhakti Association in Florida. 

In 2014 Natalya had to face the greatest challenge of her life: cancer and osteoporosis.  With allopathic medicine (the modern, science-based medicine that combines medications or surgery) being unsuccessful, she fought her own three-year battle back to good health, gaining remarkable experience and qualifications in alternative curative methods along the way. “I am responsible for my personal health restoration, and my remarkable experience has qualified me to help others in their recovery from health ordeals,” Natalya says. In 2019, in conjunction with the TCM Institute & Transnational Fohow Corporation and the Chinese Yang Shen Healthcare System for Global Wellness Programs, Natalya is bringing her lifelong expertise to the e3c program. Currently, she is specializing in Bio-energy, Meridian massage, Yoga, Nutrition and other related healthy lifestyle programs.

E3C Operational Manager

Meet Helene, BahaSea’s operational manager. She’s worked at BahaSea for more than two years and shared some of her experiences.

“The thing that’s most special to me about BahaSea is my team, because they are just wonderful. We all understand and love each other, and Miss Nelly is amazing.”

“It’s hard to choose a favorite memory of working here. But I’d say it was last year when my coworkers threw me a birthday party. Miss Nelly bought me a cake, pizza and drinks and she gave us the rest of the evening off, so all the girls went out. It was unforgettable!.  An other memory is when I took driving lessons with Miss Nelly, now I have my own car: freedom!”

Because of Helene’s personality and dedication to BahaSea, operational manager duties were recently added to her head-housekeeping & front desk portfolio.

“It’s a great opportunity because you’re never too old to learn anything,” she said. “For me, anything is possible. If they say, ‘Helene, I would like you to do this,’ I can say, ‘Yes – can you please teach me how to do it?’ If someone is willing to teach, I am willing to learn. It’s also a great way to be closer to our guests that come from all around the world.

“When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking at home. I also serve as the Vice President of Woman Ministries in my church and as a youth teacher. In my free time I like to write songs.”

E3C Resident Chef

Meet BahaSea’s Resident Chef, Sherman! He attended culinary school in Atlanta, Georgia before returning to his hometown in Freeport, Grand Bahama, where he’s been honing his skills for the last 15 years with a focus on Italian and French cooking. He recently joined the BahaSea team after relocating to New Providence because he lost his home and place of work during September’s Hurricane Dorian.

“Cooking is my passion,” Sherman said. “My favorite thing to do is ‘put it down in the kitchen.’ In Freeport I worked at Senor Frogs, so it’s an interesting contrast. Their menu is all Mexican, whereas here at BahaSea I can cook Italian, French, or any variety I choose. The majority of our guests are European, so I can cook food that’s familiar to them. Plus I enjoy introducing them to Bahamian dishes like fried fish, curry chicken, and baked macaroni. You get to go around the world when you’re in the kitchen at BahaSea. It’s not like Senor Frogs where you’re just stuck in Mexico.”

Before Senor Frogs, Chef Sherman worked at the five-star restaurant “Irie’s” at the Grand Lucayan hotel in Grand Bahama. But he said his five-star career experience is working at BahaSea. “It’s an amazing experience because I meet new people. It’s not just about the food. The guests are really cool, and on the outside they look like just regular people but they have amazing stories to tell. That’s one of the best parts of the job – interacting with all of them.

“The employees and Nelly, who hired me, are also very nice, and I’m thankful for this opportunity to work with them. The industry I’m in is down in Freeport right now and my brother, sister, and I lost everything. We’re all starting over and trying to rebuild, so I think Nassau will be my home for the next two or three years. During that time I see myself working at BahaSea permanently because there’s a lot of potential in the place.”


BahaSea Backpackers Hostel offers a wide selection of rooms with linen included, suited for groups of all sizes, families, and individuals alike. We house 15 private rooms, 4 shared dormitories of only 3 to 10 beds.

Our location is unbeatable! We’re walking distance from 5 different restaurants, the supermarket, gym and liquor store.

Discover the city with a bus, the number 10 stops right at our doorstep, from 7am – 7pm daily. Easily discover Nassau’s best restaurants, bars, clubs, main tourist sites.

Bahasea Backpackers is a large ocean-front hostel right by the beach with a friendly atmosphere and great people!

Join us at Bahasea, grab a Kalik (a famous Bahamian beer) and a conch salad, go for a kayak ride, snorkel, swim with our pigs, take a dip in the pool or just relax and watch the Bahamian sun set on the ocean.

We boast high standards of comfort for a clean and quiet stay. The staff are warm and always looking forward to welcoming our next world traveller.


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