Julie Tronhuus, 23, has a love for acting, modelling, and fashion. With a BA in Business, she does many exciting jobs that range from social media marketing for an up and coming actress, to trade shows and modelling! Aside from her fabulous, fast-paced LA life, she enjoys stepping back from the bustle of Hollywood to explore other parts of the world. She’s quite the spontaneous traveller! For her, all you need is a destination, and then you get up and go!

When I lived in Europe this [The Bahamas] was so far away, so it seemed like the coolest place you could go to; now that it’s closer to me I don’t want to take it for granted. This has been an experience – first of all, they drive on the left, so that was confusing! People here are super casual – always playing music and just hanging out. I went downtown and it was interesting to just talk to people and grab some coconut water – straight from the fresh coconuts they cut open on the side of the street!

The best part of The Bahamas, for me, is the beach. The water is always warm. Every night I’ve been swimming at midnight, and last night there was a full moon so I did a full moon bath. I could see flames from the restaurant down the way, and the moon was so huge, bright and glowing! I was swimming in the warm ocean, alone, with music in my ears… it was so beautiful.

I wanted a mental vacation where I could just be by myself around nature, because I’m usually so adventurous and I do so much stuff all the time when I’m in New York and LA. What I wanted was a health vacation with yoga and good food; to be in nature and meditate and listen to music and the waves; to wake up at sunrise. Bahasea gave me all of that, and the yoga classes in particular were a happy surprise!

When I was in college they offered free yoga classes. It helped so much when it came to dealing with anxiety for midterms and homework and the pressure that you feel when you’re 19 – there’s so much figuring out who you are, and yoga and meditation helped me to balance out that lifestyle, relax and find myself. I think it’s something that is good for everybody, so having that here at Bahasea was perfect!

I think it’s amazing to travel by yourself if you dare. You make so many new friends. It’s important to meet locals and try not to only go to the tourist places. Check out what the locals do; learn and talk to people. It’s so amazing to listen, talk, walk around and just be spontaneous! If you get invited to something just do it, or you’re gonna regret it! So go for it!

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