Alann Bobe, 23, is a Marketing and Management student studying abroad in Texas, USA. He’s originally from La Reunion, a beautiful small island with mountains, volcanoes, and rolling sea off the coasts of Madagascar and Mauritius. This world-traveller is living his dream of creating new experiences, meeting new people, and capturing those moments in photographs along the way!

I travel all around the world and try to find the best locations for my photography. My most daring travelling story is when I moved to the US in January. Being a non native speaker the accent was incomprehensible to me. Experiencing this struggle common to foreigners and expatriates everywhere; it makes you vulnerable. My English was awful, but I studied to improve and continue to do so even now.

What is the best place on earth for me? Any place – it depends what you enjoy. You have the whole world to explore. I love California. It has good vibes. I love surfing and skating; it’s outdoors, its freedom, it’s interpretation, there’s the camaraderie, it doesn’t matter your skill level – it’s just fun.

The best part of The Bahamas that I have seen is here (Bahasea!). It’s not far from Downtown where you have a good atmosphere with a lot of people, music, and tourism. I think it doesn’t matter if you travel alone because when you arrive here people are overwhelmingly friendly. There is a very strong sense of community amongst everyone and that gives you the possibility to meet, discuss, and celebrate.

My travel tip is to not be afraid of the unfamiliar environments.. You have to move, learn, and adapt to whats different. Eventually it’s the most rewarding experience being able to operate within reference systems whose parameters are the opposite of those that underpin your usual life. It broadens your mind and that’s invaluable!

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