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e3c: energy = creativity | community | coherence

Nelly Biche de Bere is the founder and driving force behind e3c, a lifestyle-changing concept experience that promotes energy through the development of individual and group creativity, community, and coherence (e3c).

Restore and Boost Your Joie de Vivre!

Joie de Vivre: This wonderful French expression means to have and to express a cheerful disposition  – an enjoyment of life – an exultation of spirit.  If you have “joie de vivre” it means you have the natural ability or you have chosen to find joy in everything you do. e3c along with many life managing skills promotes well-being leading to joie de vivre.  

You may decide to just book the BahaSea’s accommodations or join one of our e3c program à la carte or through a weekly package.

“Learning to know oneself is the hardest thing for man,” wrote Jiddu Krishnamurti (in his book Face to Self).

Our e3c Wellness Research Center invites you to meet yourself. We suggest you to press the “RESET” button and find your way via a bootcamp of one or two weeks.

The proposed programs are based on research combining different approaches to alternative medicine (Yoga, Assisted Meditation, BioEnergy, Fasting, Nutrition, Naturopathy & much more….). 

Where allopathic medicine fails, e3c propose to reconnect, to reconnect with yourself

Nassau | Bahamas

Welcome to The Bahamas! Our location is perfect to learn about Nassau without renting a car, as we have good local transport stopping right outside our door. You will easily discover the immediate area and downtown, supermarkets, bars, clubs and main tourist sites!

Our staff are warm and friendly and always looking forward to welcoming our next world traveler!

Our Guests

“Difference is a wonderful thing we all have in common!”
We opened the hostel in January 2018, and as of today we have hosted more than 20,000 people representing over 100 different countries! We’re an international, inclusive and respectful community, and proud of it. Help us keep it that way!

Curious what people are saying? These two fantastic bloggers stayed with us and we want to share the love – BahaSea: An Ode to the Hidden Bahamian Hostel by CatchFlightsNotFeelings & Leave the Resort for Downtown Nassau and Arawak Cay by Travelirvana.

Our Space

BahaSea has large open decks, indoor common spaces, and two swimming pools – great for large groups, retreats, and events! There is also a small private beach and a larger public beach attached to the property. Kitchens and living rooms are shared, but sea-side hammocks work on a first-come, first-served basis! Out of respect for everyone we ask that the volume levels are kept down after 11PM.

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